The aim of the exercise is not an empty perfection of movements and techniques that will hurt and defeat other people. On the contrary, the true goal of martial arts training is the human spirit and create a person who lives in harmony with others, welcoming them in a peaceful manner, striving to create harmony between himself and the rest of the world.

This is achieved through exercise, without competition and conflict with others, and without the use of brutal force. Aikido is not just about physical exercise, but also spiritual development, while learning proper ethics and behavior.

Founder skills, O-Sensei Morihei Ueshiba after he had mastered many traditional martial arts (ju jutsu, kenjutsu, sojutsu etc.), created aikido as a skill that will not destroy, but to contribute to a better understanding and connecting people around the world.

The technical development of aikido summed up the experience of traditional martialsystem, especially Daitoryu Aikiju-jutsu style. Besides the technical aspects, aikidoand its philosophical, spiritual interpretation, follows a natural, all-encompassingmovement of the universe.

In all interpretations of aikido, there are two basic ideas:
the peaceful resolution of conflict whenever possible
       • personal development through aikido training

Aikido is nonresistance. Because it is non-resistance, victorious from the beginning.Those with evil intentions or evil thoughts are currently defeated. Aikido is invinciblebecause with no way collision.

A true warrior is invincible because they are not competing against anyone. Defeatmeans to defeat the mind of contention that we foster in ourselves.

Hurt rivals mean to hurt himself. Control aggression without inflicting injury is the real art of Aikido. Techniques used four qualities that reflect the nature of our world.Depending on the circumstances, would have to be: hard as a diamond, flexible as awillow, smooth liquid like water and empty as empty space.